Mo, 20. Jul. 2015

Uwe Holtschneider’s dissertation now published: Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility by Japanese Companies

Dr. Uwe Holtschneider has recently published his doctoral dissertation on "Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility by Japanese Companies" as Vol. 59 of the book series of the German Instituts for Japanese Studies.

His research approaches the recent world-wide adoption of CSR practices as part of the global spread of management concepts. The trend to adopt CSR is examined among Japanese companies, as they have rapidly adopted CSR practices in the last two decades, by employing both qualitative and quantitative empirical research methods. Analyzing drivers for the adoption of CSR practices, organizational characteristics of adopting companies and how increasing adoption influences the likelihood to adopt provide insights into how Japanese institutions and stakeholders facilitated rapid CSR adoption and the process of CSR diffusion.

Uwe Holtschneider studied East Asian Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) and at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. He conducted field research in Japan at the German Institute of Japanese Studies (DIJ) and at Hitotsubashi University. The dissertation was successfully submitted to the Mercator School of Management (MSM) of UDE, supervised by Prof. Werner Pascha.  Dr. Holtschneider now works for Yazaki, one of the largest global automotive suppliers.

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