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 Mon, 06. Apr. 2020   lehrstuhl.oawi

Letter to our students

Dear students,

we live in very unusual times. Like you as students, we as teachers have never experienced anything like this before. Nevertheless, I would like to assure you that we at the Chair of East Asian Studies/Japan and Korea will do our best to deal with this situation as flexibly and effectively as possible so that you can earn your credits in the summer semester. 

Let me give you an overview of how we plan to deal with this unprecedented challenge while remaining flexible as new developments emerge. 

You know that the semester begins on April 20. At least in the first few weeks of the semester, it will not be possible to attend regular lectures and seminars. We will provide course outlines, PP presentations, required reading and last but not least accompanying audio or video files through Moodle, in some cases possibly using videoconferencing software. There will be features for communication and Q&A.

In order to take full advantage of these features, and also to stay in touch with us when new information has to be shared, it is essential that you access to the Moodle course rooms for all our courses: by using the following enrolment keys:

AEAS 2207 Business Issues in Japan's Economy: BI_SoSe2020

AEAS 2207 Japan’s Role in Global and Regional Economic Relations: JR_SoSe2020  

Seminar on Japan's Economy: SeJapEc2020

Einführung in die Wirtschaftspolitik: EWiPo2020

Einführung in die Wirtschaft Japans und Koreas: OAWI2020

Another complication is that, as you know, I will be retiring by the end of the summer semester, i.e. by September 30, 2020. You can read the announcement of October 2019 here:

The rules for the final exams and for registering for theses remain unchanged. We will see in due course how we will deal with the written and oral examinations.

Despite the difficult circumstances, we are working hard to master the situation successfully in order to make the coming summer semester fruitful and successful.

With best regards, all the best for your health, Werner Pascha