Welcome to the Chair of East Asian Economic Studies / Japan and Korea


The goal of our chair is to make the economic structures and processes in Japan and Korea visible and comprehensible. For that purpose we offer a variety of classes, covering topics like international relations, management, human resources or finance, so the students get to know the important facets of the economic realms Japan and Korea. In our teaching we strongly enforce the practical applicability of the theoretical knowledge, using innovative class formats like cross-cultural encounter simulations or fieldwork in cooperation with international partners.

The classes in detail


Our chair conducts research of economical and business administrational topics in relation to questions concerning Japan, Korea and international relations in that region. Our main focuses are Institutional Economics based approaches in concern of stability and change of economic systems. Recent projects include CSR, deregulation, competitive identities and economic risks.

24 hours e-mail service for our students

Dear students, if you have any further questions, you can use this e-mail link (oawi.jap.kor(at)uni-due.de). Our Team at the Chair will get back to you within 24 hours on workdays.